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(pursuant to Cal. Civ. Code § 1714.43)


AV Gums LLC is committed to always maintaining an ethical, socially responsible work environment for our employees, and is moreover committed to ascertaining to the best of our ability that our suppliers operate their businesses under satisfactory ethical and socially responsible standards.

Whereas we are not directly subject to the California transparency in supply chains statute, we recognize its intent to help ensure that products offered by the private sector do not directly or indirectly contribute to human trafficking or involuntary servitude in any of its various forms; we further recognize that a number of our customers are subject to this law and that they desire to know our company policy on this matter.  For these reasons, AV Gums makes the below statement relative the referenced Act.

Direct Supplier Certification

AV Gums is committed to ensuring that our supply chain is maintained in a socially responsible and ethical manner.  This includes an expectation that our suppliers, in producing products that they supply to us, do not use forced labor in any of its forms, including human trafficking and slavery.

Supplier Audits and Accountability Standards

To monitor supplier compliance with these expectations, we directly assess our suppliers instead of employing a third party assessor vendor.  Supplier participation and cooperation in this process is mandatory.

A company representative makes periodic visits to all our vendor offices and factories, and some of these visits may be unannounced. Our employees are on the lookout for signs of human trafficking and slavery.

Our assessment includes a review of supplier responses to a request for information.  If during this review we identify anything that requires clarification or elaboration, we communicate with the supplier.  If the issue(s) remain unresolved, we initiate further actions which may include a further site audit.    Depending on the nature of the concerns involved, these site audits may be unannounced. Failure to meet AV Gum’s standards is grounds for discontinuation of the supplier relationship.

Training on Human Trafficking and Slavery

We have educated relevant members of our organization regarding this matter, and periodically revisit the issue to re-emphasize its importance.